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cristiano barni /
The Fall of Goetze and Schuerrle - from World Cup Heroes to Average Players
It's the 23rd minute of extra time in Rio de Janeiro. After a pass from Kroos, Schuerrle sprints towards the goal and takes the ball to the penalty area - where Goetze is standing. Number 19 controls the ball with his chest, shoots in the small area, and scores the goal. Germany becomes the world champion, and substitutes Goetze and Schuerrle become the heroes of the final. The peak of the two young players' careers.

In 2020, six years later, the world seems completely different. There is little left of the fame from the World Cup. Goetze, without a contract, is looking for a new club, while Schuerrle has ended his football career at the age of 29. After Schuerrle's contract was terminated, the managing director of Borussia Dortmund, Watzke, said: 'Definitely not a success story for either side.' The same words would also describe Goetze's second period with BVB. Suffering from illnesses and injuries, the midfielder failed to meet high expectations. In the last game of the 2019/2020 season, Goetze was not on the team roster.

Even in his time with Bayern Munich, Goetze was unable to deliver a strong performance. One of his coaches at the time, Carlo Ancelotti, suggested that he move to another club.

This was precisely the way of working in football that André Schuerrle criticized after ending his career. In football, only the on-field performance counts. According to him, the sector does not allow emotions to be shown: 'You always have to play a certain role to survive in business. Otherwise, you'll lose your job and never get another one.'

Schuerrle described his experience in Rio as the best moment of his life. 'Everything was right. The team spirit, the organization, the hotel on the beach.'